Durable Luctra Linear Table pro


LINEAR TABLE PRO: a model thought out to the smallest detail. Separate heads with open fins for cooling effectively reduce the heating of LED lamps. Specially designed swivel mechanisms with self-locking allow you to direct the light to the desired point. The minimalistic geometric design with an aluminum profile, as well as the light delivery height of 75 cm, are optimal both in terms of aesthetics and the biological efficiency of light.
The heart of LUCTRA® lamps is the VITACORE® Intelligent Electronic System. The user interface of the electronic module has a nice unobtrusive design. It appears only when the need arises, giving the user access to the LUCTRA® functions. High quality elements precisely and reliably control the lamp. The brightness and color of the light can be reset with a light touch of the finger on the panel. For short-term maximum activation, a BOOST gain function is provided. When you click on the BOOST symbol, the maximum light intensity of cold white LED lamps is turned on. This feature is automatically disabled after 30 minutes. Thanks to two integrated USB channels, the lamps can be used to charge smartphones and tablet computers.
The VITACORE® app makes LUCTRA® a personal lighting tool. The app communicates with VITACORE® electronics via Bluetooth. Depending on the user's individual light profile, the application automatically changes the color of light and its intensity, simulating the natural course of the day. The profile can be changed at any time and customized according to the wishes of the user. The daylight hours schedule is saved in the application and can be reproduced by any LUCTRA® lamp (with the Pro sign). This makes LUCTRA® the perfect lighting system in a modern office. The application is free and is publicly available for download on all standard smartphone models:
Rectangular design
2 USB ports for charging mobile devices
Boost function
Auto light control 
Long-life self-locking joints
With a base for desktop use


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