Marksman torch

0.5 watt manual flashlight. The case is made of aluminum with plastic elements.
Bright lighting is provided by a white LED and a matte lens. Case material - aluminum. The power button is on the back. Near the power button there is a loop for the key fob. Type of food - flat batteries type LR44. Batteries included (4 pieces).
Individual packaging - gift black company box.
Packing - 100 pcs. (packaged in 50 pcs.) in a box. Package size: 310 x 225 x 360 mm. Package weight: 6.0 kg.
Brand Name: Marksman
Material: Metal
Weight: 0.051 kg.
Country: China
Dimensions (mm): Width: 10 Height: 68 Depth: 10
Print Margin (mm): Width: 35 Height: 10
Application Method: - Laser Engraving


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